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lunedì 22 giugno 2009

Wow, 20 minutes ago there was the sun outside my window, and now it's all grey...maybe it will rain for my pleasure. Today I'll post a tribute to Tolkien (the writer which I'll love eternally together with E.A. Poe), because just yesterday I've finished an Illustration that took to me many days and dedication, entitled "The Hatred of Morgoth":

I'm sorry about the not so good quality of the image, but my scanner was too small to take this big picture, so I've made some photos with my digital camera which lightens the image a little (due to the use of flash). Here there is another photo that looks better than the entire picture, where you can see the real colors and the three Silmarils that the Dark Lord wears on his elm.

Wednesday I'll carry this and other older works to school because it is the last day, and some teachers will analyze all the works I made during this year...finally deserved vacations! :D

And meanwhile the sky turns darker and the wind rages...

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